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Choosing the correct book

Our patterns stipulate “Book height” and number of pages on page 1. If you've got a taller book or a book with more pages, it will work fine. The extra pages can be removed afterwards. Do not use a shorter book.


Positioning the book

Lay the book in front of you and turn 90 degrees so the spine is near you.


Inset Pages

Each page stating “Inset Page” must be folded over at 1.5cm, the whole height of the page. The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of card the same size as the page, minus 1.5cm width, and use it as a marker.


Marking the book

Place the ruler along the length of the book furthest from you, move along the ruler to mark all the measurements needed for that page, without moving the ruler. ALL measurements are ALWAYS from the top of the page. Where there are 2 measurements the same (this is a normal occurrence with cut and fold patterns), simply move the second by 1mm. So 16.2 & 16.2 becomes 16.2 & 16.3.


Example measurements – 1.5, 3.6, 10.8, 12.6, 16.4, 19.6


Cutting the pages

Turn the book 180 degrees, so the markings are facing you then cut each mark into the page by 1.5cm, at this point you can decide whether to cut and fold as you go or to continue cutting all the markings first.


You now have 2 options on the fold, Inverted or 3D

Folding the pages for an inverted picture:

For this method you will be folding between the cuts Fold between 1.5 and 3.6 then between 10.8 and 12.6 finally between 16.4 and 19.6 then use a store card or similar to flatten the fold and give a better crease.


Folding the pages for 3D picture:

For this Style picture you will be folding outside of the cuts Using these example cuts you will fold 0 to 1.5 then 3.6 to 10.8 then 12.6 to 16.4 then finally 19.6 to 21 (based on 21cm book) then use a store card or similar to flatten the fold and give a better crease.


Combination folds

If your pattern is a “Combination” pattern, simply fold the first and last marks on each page them (as you would with a standard MMF pattern) INSTEAD of cutting. You MUST follow the inverted method.


Shadow Folds

A Shadow fold is simply a Cut and Fold but every other page is missed out. This will be stated on your pattern. You CAN make a standard Cut and Fold pattern a shadow fold provided it has “inset pages”. Simply miss the inset pages out. 


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